Bible Baptist Church is located on Central Avenue in the middle of  Dodge City, KS, and has been around for more than 50 years.  Its first service was in October of 1958. It has become a staple in Dodge City as a beacon of light for the gospel to shine forth. It’s reach with the Word of God goes far beyond Dodge City into the rest of the world with their heart for supporting missionaries and reaching the rest of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truths of God’s Word.

Bible Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist church that believes in trying to win souls to Jesus Christ, the founder of the Church.  Although we might be considered an old fashioned church by some, we do not live in the past.  We believe in living for the future and are actively looking for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the rapture of all believers.  We believe the preaching and teaching of the Word of God changes lives.  We believe born-again believers should exemplify the Lord in their life and in their beliefs.  The Word of God is taught and preached three different times every week: Sunday morning (twice), Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening.  We believe the church is to fulfill the great commission and therefore have scheduled times of soul winning on Thursday evening and Saturday morning.  We believe it is every believer’s job to try to win the lost to Christ.  Bible Baptist Church has a strong evangelistic flavor in their preaching and teaching.

Bible Baptist Church is a group of believers that are for the most part in unison and work together as such.  We try to create a “family atmosphere” for all those who are part of our church.  We have received quite a few good comments to that effect over the years.  There are periodic activities and special social functions at our church.  We believe it’s important that the members can build their lives around their church.