Adult Ministries

Special Music

Our members enjoy sharing their musical talents both both with their instruments and voice. We have at least one special music number for each service on Sundays.

Women’s Missionary Meeting

The ladies of our church meet once a quarter to share in a time of fellowship, while focusing on creating care packages, prayer time for our missionaries, send out birthday/anniversary cards for our missionaries both locally and abroad.

Men’s Prayer Group

Join us Saturday evening at 7:30 PM at the church for a men’s prayer meeting. The first Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM, the men of our church gather at a restaurant to enjoy a meal together and share in a time of prayer in a private room.

Radio Station

Tune in to 89.1 FM to hear great broadcasting from Bible Baptist Church on Conservative Christian Radio 24/7. Click the Radio Station link at the top of the page to listen online, or download the Tunein app on your smartphone and search for KSRP.

Discipleship Program

Our church offers periodically a disciple course a couple times a year, for young Christians eager to learn more about following the Lord in your life.

If you are struggling with addictions of any kind (drugs, alcohol, pornography, bitterness, overeating, etc.) this program is for you. This is not a self-help program, this is a God-help program. It takes you through the Bible and shows you how God says to overcome these problems.

Missions Program

BBC has a heart for missions, where we support missionaries financially, both foreign and domestically as they preach the gospel and start churches. Every fall we have missions conference, where we renew our commitment and financial pledges for the up and coming year.

Visitation & Soulwinning Program

Our church believes in sharing our faith with others. Every Thursday evening we gather at the church before going out on visitation; during the summer we meet at 7:00 PM and during the winter months we meet at 6:30 PM. Saturday mornings we meet at 10:00 AM for soul winning and bus visitation as we share with our community the plan of salvation and encourage folks to come to church.

Nursing Homes

Our church has a nursing home ministry on a bi-monthly rotation with other churches to have services at three nursing homes on a Sunday afternoon.


Our church offers free counseling support to our local community. Pastor Shrock has supported many marriages through tough times and brought healing to many relationship issues.