Books By Pastor Shrock


“Growing in Grace and Truth.”

This is a discipleship course that is very Bible-based.  There are seven lessons in it:  Assurance of Salvation BaptismThe Word of God PrayerSoul winning, The Local Church, and Tithes and Offerings.  They are “fill in the blanks” kind of lessons and each lesson has a self test at the end of the lesson.  The book is spiral bound and has 72 full size pages.  You will be immersed in the Bible by the time you are done.


“How Can I Know I am Going to Heaven?”

This is a smaller booklet that is quite extensive on the issue of salvation.  It is especially revealing to someone who was raised “religious”, and is trying to see the difference in religion and true salvation.  It is in a “fill in the blanks” format also and has 24 pages.

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